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Why We Named Our Avocados, Lovecados. Is It Healthier than Regular Avocados?


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The US market is filled withavocados, and the craze to eat this fruit in the country is immense. However,most of this market focuses on money and uses fertilizer and strong pesticidesthat not only reduce the nutritional content of avocados but also harm yourhealth. Unlike the popular market, if you want best avocados tobuy, then we in our Duclos farms grow avocados with love, and sell‘lovecados’ to you—purely organic, and each one is handpicked. Our undividedattention to this fruit is the result that we have thousands of trusted (regular) customers who can’t stop placing orders when their buckets get empty. And why not as we provide (remember?) not avocados but lovecados.  

After growing it, the mostimportant part is delivering it to your doorsteps with the same love andattention. Other things that you should know while nibbling those avocados thatwill make you proud: 

● Our avocados are plucked andshipped the same day they are ordered. 

● One-day delivery acrossCalifornia. 

● Tastiest and nutritiousavocados as it is grown in the most favourable land and climate conditions 

● We always ship extra avocadosfor our regular customers to show our appreciation.  

So, if you want to control yourdiabetes or want wholesale nutrition content in your body. Then we are the bestplace to buy avocados, order your avocados and see the difference. 

Contact us: 

Tel: +1-415-408-8702 E-Mail:

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