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Enjoy the Creamy and Nutritional Bite of Avocadoes with us


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A fruit that can enrich your taste buds withits creamy texture and flavour and also ensure the health and nutrition of theconsumer has to be Avocado. A fruit with a great fan following and utility as a dip or bread spread, Avocado has won over a lot of people with just its essence. If you too are an Avocado lover and want to get your hands on freshly plucked farm produce, we are the answer to your Avocado cravings. 

We at California Lovecados Direct have been growing Avocados in San Diego,providing them with the favourable climatic condition and the love and carethat make them quite delicious to devour. Our soil has is bestowed with nature’s care and flavours that have a unique taste and are loaded with rich nutritional value. We assure our customers a 100% quality controlled and, fast delivery and farm ensured freshness in our produce. So get your hands on San Diego Growing Avocados for Sale and visit our website to place your order with us today. We also have some marvellous recipes for you to try. 

Toknow more about us and our Avocado produce, give us a call at +1 4154088702 or mail us at

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